Hueve Essential  Lotion 140ML

Hueve Essential Lotion 140ML

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Hueve Essential Skin Care, with precious gold Truffle. Formulated with exclusive ingredients: Truffle extracts and Jeju Herb extracts, which hydrate and provide vitality to skin.
Keep your skin hydrated with Hueve Essential Skin Toner. It absorbs quickly, leaving he skin smooth and soft. Made with patented ingredients PMC Liquid, Golden Truffle Liposome, Persimmon leaf extract, Mulberry Extract, Jeju Herb Line, and SPVC-Nanosome.
With the energy of pure and rich Golden Truffles, it provides natural glow to your skin.
Nourishing ingredients for firmer skin, natural balance, brightening, and wrinkle improvement.
-New Condition 120ML

How To Usa

Use after applying toner.