Prorance Sun BB Foundation 50G

Prorance Sun BB Foundation 50G

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1. Gorgeous Skin

 - Effectively covers skin flaws without oiliness and darkening even over time.

 - Its whitening effect makes your skin beautiful.

2. Wrinkle enhancement and UV production

 - Wrinkle-enhancing adenosine gives you firm skin and protects against UVA and UVB to prevent gaining and blemishes, giving you healthy and clean complexion.

3. Moisturizing & firming

 - Moisturizing component and hyaluronic acid creates a moisture layer, maintaining your skin moisturized, and skin-firming collagen manages your skin elasticity.

4. Skin soothing & protection

 - Asiatic pennywort, portulaca, chaste tree and chamomile extracts effectively soothe your rough and sensitive skin to softness.

How To Use

Apply thin layer of foundation on skin and lightly tap to finish.