Sansim Jung Cleansing Foam 150Ml

Sansim Jung Cleansing Foam 150Ml

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The pellets remove skin wastes.
-Granul type yellow grains and various herbal ingredients gently care for wastes in the skin.
herbal ingredients for nourishing nutrition
-Sancam culture root extract and various herbal ingredients help nourish the skin to cleanse and maintain moist and clean skin.
Skin Protection Anchorized Extract
-Formant extracts protect skin from various sources of irritation to enhance skin balance.
 rich skin after washing face
-It contains gashiogalpi extract and maggot extract to protect the skin from the outside environment and make it healthier.

New Condition  150ml

How to Use

After pouring enough foam on the hand with water on it, cleanse with lukewarm water as if you are gently massaging your face. You can use it lightly when washing your face in the morning, and use it after cleansing cream in the evening.