Sansim Myeongyeonsu Emulsion 130Ml

Sansim Myeongyeonsu Emulsion 130Ml

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Provides nutrients to the skin with 17 types of amino acids
This product provides nourishing care to the skin all year round with a variety of 17 types of rich amino acids.
Multi-11-Hyaluronic Acid
As a hyaluronic acid complex made of 11 types of molecules, the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid densely fills the skin with moisture while the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid perfectly and compactly fills the surface of skin with moisture once more.
Contains wild ginseng ceramide ingredient that prevents the loss of moisture
Our exclusive ingredient made through a combination of Hankook Cosmetics’ patented ingredient, Cultured Wild Ginseng Root Extract, and Eco-ceramide creates a beautiful skin texture by strengthening the weakened skin barrier.
Contains 10% rice bran water
Rice bran has been used as a cosmetic ingredient to maintain beauty since the olden times. It provides a moisturizing effect while also tidying up dead skin cells.

How to Use

After using ampoule, apply an appropriate amount of the product using your fingertips in the direction of the skin texture. Wrap the face with your palms to promote absorption into skin.